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Jerome, is a friend, and a Relatable Relationship at selfology.  He comes from France, and he holds a Masters degree at Artois University and his first year PhD at Lille University.  He worked at Dalhousie University in the French department in Halifax, Nova Scotia, for a year before moving to Vancouver in 2005.


Whenever we meet, we can always tell Jerome has this strong and deep passion for history and economics and he told us his early days with the Financial Systems is largely through self-study and through his less-than-ideal experience within his own banking episodes,


After studying economics more and more, it became a true calling and he ended up working for a "big" bank, acting as their trading desk for four years, only to begin again when "reality" catches up with him.


All the values that he believed in stomped.   Fiduciary is one.


That is why he thinks it is important to share his knowledge and give you some insight and some insider tips as he believes sharing the information can lead to better results with your financial decision in your life.   


Exactly, who do you trust in today's system?  School? Government? Banks (the ones that pretends to like you and give you lots of advises that may not be practical?) And Your Uncle? Or your BFF?  Share your thoughts. 


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